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quoting from Angies List–    ”  My piano teacher referred me to Rick because he had done work for another of her students. When I first called I had to leave a message but he returned my call the same afternoon. I exp;pained that my piano was (a) over 20 years old, (b) had been in storage for 4 years and (c) had not been tuned for at least 10 years. He said this was not that uncommon and offered to inspect the piano and give an estimate. We made an appointment for later in the week. | |Rick arrived on time and even called earlier in the day to confirm his appointment. He spent about an hour inspecting the piano inch by inch. I mentioned that a couple of the keys were sticking, and he was able to show me the reason this was occurring. Over time the felt on the hammers had deteriorated, spreading out in some areas (making the hammers “stick” together) and coming unglued in others. With my permission (blessing, actually) he removed the action from the piano, cleaned it and replaced the padding on all hammers, and returned it in about a week. | |Before replacing the action, Rick cleaned the inside of the piano throughly. Once the action was replaced, he carefully and thoroughly tuned the piano by ear and also with a digital tuner. The end result was perfect – exactly what I asked for. It has been 10 months and the piano is still perfectly tuned with no incidents of sticky keys, pedals or any other problem. | |Rick is thorough and careful. His demeanor is rather reserved, but he is friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for someone to tune, diagnose or repair a piano. Because he is so good he tends to be busy, so it is not always possible to get a same day appointment. He is worth the wait.”   note, account is in Angies List as 
Piano Tuning & Repair by Rick

by Anita Vetter

from K. Roessler

“Rick is a laid back guy who gets right to the piano and does the job.

He does not overstay his welcome (as I have experienced with other tuners in the past), but is the kind of person you wouldn’t mind hanging out for awhile anyways. He came back to fix a sticky key two days after tuning. While he was there he tightened a few of the pegs that were loose. He would not even take a tip and did not charge for the extra trip. Overall I highly recommend him and will be using him from here on out for my tuning needs. “

by K. Roessler

from Dave Loveless


“Rick did a FANTASTIC job with our family piano that has been passed down generations.  On time, friendly, and a consummate professional, will definitely be using him in the future!  It was a GREAT holiday surprise for my wife too (hint hint guys).


by Dave Loveless

from Ron Foster

“I would like to highly recommend Rick Ehrlich for piano work.

We have a 100-year-old piano that needed quite a bit of work. Several of the keys did not work, along with none of the pedals.

Rick painstakingly went through the entire piano, tightening, replacing small parts, telling me what was going on and ‘thinking outside the box’ in terms of how this old doll could be brought back to life.

A few days later, on the Fourth of July, some friends came by to celebrate, and that piano was ‘the life of the party.’

Thanks, Rick, for helping us out. I must tell you, however, that you need to charge more. You spent three hours over here and charged so little that I felt bad and added some extra. It was worth much more!”

by Ron Foster

from the Calcotes family

“Just wanted to say Thank You so much for your hard work on my piano, it sounds great!!!  As I told you the other guy said it wasn’t worth the time, trouble, or money but you didn’t give up so easily. Dedicated for over three hours and surprisingly you didn’t ask for a dime more, I’m so glad I found you. If you ever need a reference feel free to have them give me a call.. Thanks again Becky Calcote””

by Calcote Family, Becky Calcote

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from Elizabeth:


I am glad it was you who worked on my piano because of all the problems it had.   thanks so much, it is playing nicely now.


thanks !

from Sonia:

” thanks so much for doing the extra repair work, we weren’t even sure this piano could be played again.   now it is playing great”