Why is Houston Piano Tuner such a good deal?

Why We Are a Good DealYou can find Houston area tuners’ websites which show all the marvelous things they are capable of, BUT remember, piano tuners/ techies/ artistes etc generally like to charge money for each little extra act  which qualifies as an “additional service” or time devoted to anything beyond tuning the piano.  Most charge extra to raise the general pitch if it is below 440 tuning.  So they quote $135, but when finished will say “that  is $192.44 please, due to extra adjustments needed !! ”

At Houston Piano Tuner , we (meaning Rick the piano tuner) don’t charge you additional money to fix such things as sticking keys, notes that don’t play **, raise the pitch, adjust the pedals, tighten the bench, etc.   within reason.

If you search the various websites of Houston area tuners, you can easily figure out what a good deal it is to have yours tuned by “Rick the piano tuner” from HoustonPianoTuner.net !

Yes, you may find some piano tuner under a rock who might charge very slightly under our $125 plus mileage charge for basic tuning, but they add more for every little thing you can imagine.   We just charge $125** plus mileage , and we fix virtually all your problems in the same tuning session.   There are lots of tricks to raise the bill, but we don’t do them.   And most charge more than our basic $125 charge, as much as double to tune an old out-of-tune piano including raising the pitch.

Why We Are a Good Deal

 **  our footnote—we’ll fix almost any problem at no extra cost, if the parts are there, if we can use available materials to fake it, or if you are willing to let us get creative, such as taking your lowest note at the left end (which you never ever use) and use its parts for your missing one, etc—you get the idea, we are resourceful and like to leave you with a perfectly playable piano… and if it can be done in the same session, we don’t charge extra.  The only exception to our $125 rule is, as driving in big old Houston is so time consuming, we add a trip, mileage charge.  It can also be thought of as a time charge, driving is time. The mileage charge can be substantial, you can imagine, if the driving takes as long as the tuning! But get our guaranteed quote no matter how far you are, because our total quote is usually less than the competition even if you are in Timbuktu!  Trip charges are related to distance:  as of September 2022, mileage charge is $1.50 per mile round trip.   And we can show you a Mapquest or Google Maps so you see the true distance.  That is it.

  • Discounts for Non-Profits-   we offer discounts (or even free tunings depending) for some non-profits, such as organizations that serve the poor,  supervised youth groups, educational associations, some small churches etc.   Contact us to ask.    * If we see you have a giant church in a fancy neighborhood, we still want to tune its pianos, but it will not be free.

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